Cedonia Teraan

When I spotted this character in SWTOR, my first thought was “omg 1880’s dress!” and because I really love both historical fashion and Star Wars, I fell in love at first sight.

Cedonia Teraan

Wookieepedia: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Cedonia_Teraan
SWTOR 3D: https://swtor.jedipedia.net/en/npc/cedonia-teraan

Videogame costumes sometimes lack those practical details like fastenings, pockets or underwear. Fortunately, people living in 1880’s certainly had all this stuff. For this dress, I’ll use period patterns with just a little mod. The “fabric” looks a little shiny, like a duchess satin or silk tafetta, which will be even historically appropriate fabric for a reception gown worn by a member of royalty. A bridal satin might be a good choice as it’s a nicely flowing fabric with a luxurious sheen. I’ll also need a light aqua and a dark aqua satin of similar weight.

Cedonia Teraan

I can see two options for how this dress can be made – as one piece with a detachable belt and tail (this is more fantasy-ish layout), or as two pieces with bodice and skirt (this is rather historical layout which I’ll go for).

My dress parts will be:

  1. drawers, chemise, corset and petticoat I already have (they are vital for achieving the proper period silhouette, they add some “wow” and “awww” to your overall look, and all period patterns suppose that you’ll wear them under your dress!)
  2. base skirt consisting of two layers of white satin; the bottom layer is just plain white, the top layer has a big triangle-pointing-up-shape in the front with one inverted pleat in the middle
  3. overskirt with two overlay V-shaped points in the front and longer V-shaped point in the back
  4. rouleau-embellished bodice with a mandarin collar and a tail, closed with hooks and eyes in the front
  5. belt in dark aqua satin with a white almond-shaped embellished piece; this belt will cover the gap between skirts and bodice; the almond will partially hide the bodice closure

And here are my patterns – all from Truly Victorian:
Truly Victorian patterns

For the base skirt, I’ll use TV221E – 1878 Tie-Back Underskirt E-Pattern along with TV462E – 1883 Tail Bodice E-Pattern. I’ll have to drape the overskirt on my own. I’m so glad they’re available in e-versions! Shipping fees from US to CZ are sometimes pretty expensive.